Brand, website and marketing strategy planned and delivered – not by text


Text Marketer wanted a completely new brand, website and marketing strategy to make sure they stood out from their increasing competition – making sure they were the market leaders.

Text Marketer is the UK’s biggest and best supplier of low cost business SMS – they supply some of the biggest brands and businesses in the UK with their business SMS.

We wanted to create a brand that felt approachable, friendly, yet a modern and quality product… And one thing we wanted to stress was that this product was low cost and not cheap, as that implies the product is cheap but poor – which their product is most definitely not.

Logo design, design agency Bristol,Bath,brochure design
Logo design, design agency Bristol,Bath,brochure design


We wanted to own a colour in their market and have a brand that would instantly recognisable in their industry.

We also created a beautiful website filled with amazing content, fanatic brands and reviews and their brilliant services.

The marketing strategy we constructed worked and continues to work brilliant, the content marketing has taken them to the top of their industry and the number one for low cost business SMS – we are extremely proud of the project and to have helped the directors reach their goals.

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