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Website Design

Milk and Tweed is a website design company located in Chippenham, UK. We have a lot of experience in the web marketing sector. To provide you with the best web design, we involve ourselves in your organization, your goals and into your clients to give us a deep knowledge of who you are.

Then we easily communicate the key message through the website and turn your investment into profits.

Graphic Design

At Milk and Tweed, we provide graphic design solutions which are useful in converting your company thoughts and ideas into reality. Our skilled team of certified graphic designers makes sure that every single graphic design is unique and creative. We have a team of experts who designs and give innovative ideas.

Logo Design

Designing a logo is not an easy task. It is a responsibility handed by professionals for enhancing brand name.

Despite how impressive the logo design is, but if it does not attract customer then it fails. Hence, our designers ensure that the logo design is outstanding and also easy to remember.


Milk and tweed is a UK based company that provides branding solutions. We help you to increase your company presence and brand value. We are the most reliable company in the UK that helps you to bring a remarkable change in your business and improve your brand image online.

A branding company supports your brand, by analyzing your goals and conveying it in the best way to the targeted audience. Our team is big, so is our imagination. We gather and analyze all branding requirement before we take any further steps. Our qualified and experienced professionals, branding solutions expert collaborate to choose an ideal channel that suits your business requirements

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