A brand and website designed to reflect a professional, stylish and modern business


To create a modern, stylish and professional brand to suit the business objectives and plan.

We had to create the name too – which is always fun.

The brand needed to be professional but we didn’t want it to feel boring or stuffy as many of these businesses can… so style and reflecting a modern business was always in mind.

Logo design, design agency Bristol,Bath,brochure design


We wanted to create a mark that was abstract yet sharp, clinical and measured… the marks combines a pen tip with feathers in a simple yet abstract way that we love.

Imagery was important, it needed to be not too overpowering but subtly interesting and staying on brand.

We love the feel and look of the brand and we continue to work with Pen & Feather to this day…

Logo design, design agency Bristol,Bath,brochure design

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