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Website Design

A most important part of marketing is your website and how you represent it. It provides the attraction of the online audience. It is exactly where you will earn or lose money. We create sites that help you in converting investments into profits. We accomplish this by creating an attractive website, responsive design and user-friendly website.
In Milk And Tweed, we focus on good and easy functionality to convey your business identity. Whenever you are in need to create a website you can count and depend on us.

Graphic Design

As a graphic design company, we concentrate on making a graphic that truly represents your brand while concentrating on the targeted market. The graphics and style that represents your company are important for the survival of your brand name; whether it is a logo design, website or ads our aim is to make graphic designs that present your services and quality products.

Milk and Tweed is a UK company in Bath that provides full-service of graphic design and is a specialist in creating professional designs with the help of client collaboration. Our talented team of professional graphic designers believes in doing award-winning, high-quality, and cutting-edge job at a fair price

Logo Design

Perfection doesn’t come simply but we ensure that it comes out in your logo design. We make brilliant logos each and every time. Our designers ensure that your company identity glows through your logo design and it is a perfect medium to represent your company. Whether you are a new brand or old wanting to establish the market, we ensure that your originality and uniqueness is represented in your company logo. We understand the importance of having a customized logo design as our company know it is the most essential symbol for a  powerful brand.


A brand name is a promise that an organization commits to its customer. Having a strong brand identity is important for your professional image as it attracts your targeted market; It not only makes your organization identifiable but also helps in developing trust and reputation. A strong brand name is an identity that differentiates you from the rest of your competitors and showcases your unique features. Brand identity is not only about a creative logo, color design or a catchy tagline; It’s not just a graphic, but a strong brand name that awakens all your senses. It evokes a physical and emotional response; your brand name represents the connection between consumer and company.

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